DTM Salon Jiyugaoka is a DTM and DAW classroom that is a 7-minute walk from Jiyugaoka Station. The classroom is designed for fun lessons from children to women and adults, and offers a wide range of services including classical, pop and electronic. Instructors have experience studying abroad, so English lessons are also possible.

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Jiyugaoka DTM.DAW classroom
DTM salon Jiyugaoka
Teacher's Comment

DTM.DAW Salon Jiyugaoka is dedicated to fun lessons for children and adults.
The lesson content is tailored to each student, and songs and dances are incorporated as needed.



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Scenery around Jiyugaoka Station

6 Okusawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Opening hours:
10: 00-21: 00
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays
10: 00-19: 00
Irregular holiday


DTM・DAW Lesson

Logic Pro CUBASE Pro Tools

Beginners are welcome at DTM Salon Jiyugaoka, from children to adults.

  • DTM salon Jiyugaoka's DTM lessons are characterized by their breadth.Utilizing the experience of studying abroad, it supports a variety of genres regardless of genre and age, such as classical music, movie music, animation, sound effect production, as well as pops. Let's learn together in a curriculum tailored to each student.
  • DAW has experience using various DAWs such as Cubase and Pro Tools in addition to the main Logic (Digital performer can also be used if you bring a PC). From beginners to those who want to do it in earnest, we will give lessons carefully! In the lessons, I always keep in mind that I am looking forward to the next lesson that matches the growth rate of the student.

Composition, Arrangement and Music theory


It is important to steadily take lessons from the basics.

  • In the DAW and DTM lessons, we mainly teach how to use software.
    However, we will also provide music theory lessons, which are essential for composing, arranging, and foundation.
  • These and DAW, DTM are closely connected in modern times.
  • Only after learning both will you be able to make the music you want.
  • You may not like music theory.But once you know, it's okay!
    This is an important curriculum that you will want to try because the instructors with knowledge will give you easy-to-understand lessons.

Harmony and Orchestration

Harmony and Orchestration

An orchestra that is often used in play versions such as movie music and dramas. Harmony is also essential for entering a music college

  • The orchestra has many instruments that are very calculated and assembled.
    In these genres, there is also a need to learn classical theory of harmony.
    Harmony focuses on classical music of a certain era, analyzes its works, summarizes the sound of a moment in a song and the beauty and delicacy of the sound as the music changes, as a theory, But you can learn and learn.
  • To put it simply, it's an orchestra or a music theory rather than a classic that specializes in beautiful sound.
    In a field that is difficult to learn by yourself, you need a teacher who can correct it.There are not many music schools where you can learn harmony, which is also a feature of this school.
  • In addition, acquisition of harmony is required for the entrance examination of the composition department of Music College, so if you are thinking of taking the examination, please feel free to contact us.

Piano, Keybord, Synthesizer, and Solo Acoustic

piano lesson

The instructor who runs the piano classroom can also provide keyboard instruments and lessons.

  • Instructor DTM Salon Jiyugaokaalso runs a piano lesson, so lessons on keyboard instruments are also possible.
    You can play DTM even if you can't play the keyboard. However, it is also true that even just being able to do even a little can be very useful for production.
    There are also plenty of grand pianos, keyboards, synthesizers and compatible instruments. In the synthesizer, there are lessons on basic sound creation from the explanation of the knobs.
  • The instructor also works as a singer-songwriter, so we will be able to provide lessons for playing and talking according to your wishes.


 Lyrics are very important in song production

Lyrics are very important in song production

  • 「I think we have the experience of saying, "The lyrics of that song are really good."Therefore, lyrics are very important in the production of songs.Most songwriters write and write songs, and some arrange and sing songs.
  • However, I often hear such voices as "I can compose, but I can't write lyrics", "I tried to write the lyrics but I'm not confident", and "It takes time to write the lyrics".What is a songwriting in a lesson? We offer a wide range of songwriting lessons ranging from image analysis, vocabulary, lyrics analysis of existing songs, songwriting, and lyrics creation and practice.Those who want to learn only the lyrics are welcome. Why do not you make original lyrics and send your feelings to various people?

Lesson in English


Lesson in English

Experience living overseas and studying abroad, so English lessons are also possible

  • Instructors lived in the UAE and Boston, so English lessons are also available.For those who have difficulties in Japanese lessons, those who want their children to learn English, and those who are thinking about overseas music colleges,
  • DTM Salon Jiyugaoka offers lessons that go beyond just piano.